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This pandemic has affected us all in so many ways and for small businesses like ours we’ve had to think outside the box and find new innovative ways to continue working.

Our floral workshops bring in roughly a third of our revenue, so when everything shut down in March last year and we were unable to teach physical classes we needed to come up with an idea fast!

Enter the DIY kit...we began with our hanging Kokedamas! Something not too difficult and the kids can get involved too. What is a Kokedama I can hear you all asking and how do you even pronounce it?! Coke-e-dama!

Which is a Japanese phrase meaning moss ball. We encase a plant or bulb in moss and get very happy with some twine to be able to hang out creation. This year we launched the new Kokedama kit with spring bulbs.

As lockdown and the pandemic continued and we were asked by some of our creative regulars what else we had. Next came along the spring posy & floral teacup.

As autumn approached and the season changed it was all about WREATHS.

We offered the dried wreath, succulent wreath and of course one of the best to get everyone is the festive spirt... the Christmas wreath kit!

All have been a huge success and clearly what people needed. Especially those working from home at a computer and needing to let off some creative steam!

Fingers crossed our workshops can begin again come the Spring and when BoJo says the lockdown is lifted.

But in the meantime we still have kits available to order via the web. You’ll receive a kits containing all materials you’ll need along with video link instructions. For most kits all you’ll need is a space to make some mess & pair of scissors!

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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