Earth Day

Thursday 22nd April was Earth Day - a day to to demonstrate support for environmental protection

As most people are aware climate change and sustainability has been highlighted massively in the last year few years

We too are doing are best at offering a more environmentally friendly service

How we're doing our bit:

*Foam Free- as of last year we no longer use oasis foam (unless absolutely necessary- funeral work still needs to be tackled), were thinking outside the box and finding new ways to build foundations for large installations. Moss & chicken wire are now our new best friends for floral designs!

*Cellophane Free- we're also now cellophane free! All bouquet orders now arrive in up-cycled glass jars or 'Stem-Gem' vases and are wrapped in brown recyclable paper

*Local growers- we've teamed up with local flower growers in Ockham & Teddington who can provide us with top quality British flowers with zero air miles. Our plants too are locally sourced from a nursery in Hersham

*Growing our own - we've also taken a stab at growing our own blooms again in efforts to minimise air miles that imported flowers carry

*Educating - During all our floral classes we aim to educate on how to reuse & recycle any materials that you use with us and we'll gladly accept anything back to recycle

Picture by Wander & Wonder

Have a wonderful week from Emma & team Wild Alice x

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