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I’m sure a lucky few of you have been able to attend one of our workshops here at the farm, but for those who have never visited here’s an insight into our little patch of haven. Bramblehill is our plant/flower nursery and ‘hobby farm’…one very exhausting yet rewarding hobby!


It’s that wonderful time of year again when our fields become filled with lovely fluffy playful lambs running around. The past few years our lambing season has started earlier than anticipated (late Jan/Feb)… a naughty ram must have jumped the fence when we weren’t looking!!!! But this year things have just started. Our first lambs were born just over a week ago.

We have around 20 Ews, who have can have a single, twins or even triplets and we have had a few quads in our time as well. So once the season is over we will have around 30-40. new borns.

As well as the lambs we had a gorgeous surprise baby calf born 2 weeks ago, little Molly!

The birds

We’ve got lots of them…

12 Chickens

2 Turkeys

1 Goose

4 Ducks

2 Gunnifowl

12 Quails

9 Rheas

5 Baby chicks born this week

We cannot forget to mention our 2 big cows, Mum & Dad to Molly and our 5 big piggies.

And finally the heart and very loud soul of the farm, our doggies Freddie & Henry!

Thank you to Emily Mudie for taking some of these beautiful pictures

Have a wonderful week

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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