Flower growing update

It was a month ago we first mentioned what had planted, so we just wanted to update you with how our little seedlings are coming along!

The cornflowers, phlox, ammi & cosmos are coming on beautifully! We're so excited for Spring to well and truly arrive so we can provide everyone with locally grown British blooms!

These are the Phlox - creme brûlée... this is what they should look like in a couple of months...

Where the weather has been so cold the last few weeks we've had to take extra special care of our precious seedlings and provide extra heat with lamps and bulbs. With the temperature getting as low as -8, we moved all of our seed trays into the house as we didn't want to risk loosing them and all of our hard work going to waste.

This week we're sowing solidago, achillea, helichrysums and more cosmos, dahlia, scabious & phlox

The second poly tunnel goes up at the beginning of March and providing the weather drys out a bit we can crack on sifting dirt for the second patch!

Exciting news to follow next week...the 'bunch' club

Have a wonderful week love Emma & team Wild Alice x

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