Flower growing update

It’s full to the brim in poly tunnel number 1, we best hurry up and get the lid on PT2.

Our hanging basket plants are coming on beautiful thanks to the TLC of Bramblehill Farm Nurseries. Just in time for our classes mid April.

As for the cutting flowers, some of the hardy plants went in the ground this week...cornflowers, ox eye daisies, gypsophila and Ammi.

The sweet peas went in with their tipis too!

Hardy meaning they can withstand the frost, as much as we have some nice weather heading our way, we cannot be fooled thinking that Mr Jack Frost has disappeared until autumn. It’s sunny weather like we’re expected to have this week, which makes everyone think that spring/summer is here and that we can plant out! I urge you to resist (unless they're Hardy plants) otherwise you’ll loose the lot!

Hardy annual and perennials:



Oxeye daisies

Sweet peas




As for our winter/spring bulbs the anemones are now showing off...not too long for bouquets unfortunately. But perfect for our smaller pots and jars of joy.

The ranunculus are starting to creep up, these are one of our absolute faves and we can’t wait to see our popping up all over the patch!

Have a great week and a Happy Easter

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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