Forever Flowers

Fresh cut flowers have a relatively short shelf life 7-10 days as standard, some blooms and foliage can last even longer with the right TLC. But there is a way we can make them last even longer...months and years.

We can let them dry!!

There are 3 common methods to dry:

  1. Hanging - tie stems together and hang upside down in a warm, dry place without too much sunlight (and airing cupboard is great...just need to get some hooks up)

2. Upright air drying - this method is ideal for flowers with large heads such as, dahlias, rudbeckias & sunflowers. We use a riddle and hang the riddle again somewhere warm and dry.

3. Evaporation method - the stems can be left in a vase in couple of inches of water... and then just wait...wait for the water to evaporate out of the vase and stems. This method is great for drying out hydrangeas, gypsophila & spray roses


One of our main suppliers for everlasting goodies is Beehaven Flowers in Ockham


We have great DIY dried flower kits available to order via the website- you'll receive a box of floral treats, handmade willow frame and a video tutorial showing you how to create your own masterpiece!

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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