The Flower Patch

A positive from 2020 was that we had lots of time...time which was spent learning how to grow flowers. We're very lucky to have the space down the farm to dabble in a little growing, below is the patch looking its best in the height of summer!

We already can see some life from bulbs and seeds we planted in the Autumn, the hyacinths are creeping up and the anemones are starting to sprout. There really is something so rewarding about growing.

A Winter/Spring project for us this year is to finish off our second patch...which involves sifting dirt!! Don't worry we're not sat there with a tiny little sieve with a mound of dirt, we have an electronic sifter but it's still lots of hard work. We have a huge amount of good nutritious soil which can be put to great use, however it's full of stones and wood lumps which will restrict seed growth. Hence the reason for sifting!

Here's the a few weeks...or couple of months, we'll show you the after.

If any one is keen on growing this year, you don't need a huge amount of space and depending on what you plant you don't need to let them take over your life. Cornflowers are one of the easiest to grow, they require very little attention and are absolutely gorgeous. Happy smiling cosmos is another, we were picking ours last year from June to September!

'Cornflower Blue' beauties

Cheerful cosmos

Last summer our 'wild' flower patch was full of poppies, cornflowers, camomile, phacelia & mixed grasses (pic below)

We sell our wild flower seeds & 'sow your own buckets' (head to our gifts & orders page)

Over the next few weeks we'll be busy succession sowing our seeds, which means we sow the same seeds in a few stages, to ensure more than one crop throughout the year! To get the seeds started we use heat matts & lamps before adding the light.

The workshop has been transformed into the germination station

For any growing questions or tips leave a comment and we'll get back to you!

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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