Welcome 2021

Hello 2021,

We welcome you with big wide open arms! We say goodbye to what was an incredibly hard year for all of us and hello to exciting new adventures and possibilities.

Something new for us this year is this blog, we would like to begin sharing our floral journey with you all.

January is a hard cold month at the best of times… let alone now, with still so much uncertainty. However, this blog will be a positive insight into our flower world and what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks and months. January for us is a chance to unwind, reset and realign ourselves, after a few days of rest we’ll be getting in touch with all of our prospective weddings for 2021 (fingers crossed), organising our spring workshop dates and most exciting of all is that we begin sowing seeds!

On this week’s sowing list:

Sweet Williams


Cow Parsley



We have a lovely variety of seeds from Chiltern seeds, Higgledy Garden, Sarah Raven, Seedaholic & some that we have saved from our flower patch from last year!

Watch this space

Emma and team Wild Alice x

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