What's best in bloom

Spring is on its way...we promise. The sun is setting later and the birds are up earlier, it may still be a little chilly but flowers are a great indicator that spring is on its way to us!

Many beautiful British blooms have popped up already. The hellebores!!! Such delicate shades of pinks and purples, we had a lovely little crop from the patch last week for our jars of joy. The stems may not be long but they sure are pretty.


Muscari, or grape hyacinths as they are commonly known, are one of the best in bloom in our eyes for this time of year. The scent is incredible and their bright bluey colour helps to lift our spirit as we think of a clear summer sky!

These petite beauties grow by the day as all the dainty flower bells open up.



If you follow us on social media you'd know that we have a special place in our heats for ranunculus... their papery petals open up so wide and can have a vase life up to two weeks. They come in so many colours and their stems often have a mind of their own (in a good way).

We'll continue to sell bunches of these as long as we can get out hands on them...we have some in the flower patch which we are very impatiently waiting to pop up!



So tightly closed to start and then gradually they open up to show you their deep centre. Great vase life, we love admiring the stages of bloom.


We're out delivery all weekend for Valentines Day on Sunday. Why not send some 'I love you' flowers to someone you care about this V day! All products are on our order page.

Emma & team Wild Alice x

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