What we got up to this week...

This weekend we hosted the first of our hanging basket classes and what a wonderful weekend it was for it...the sun was shinning the whole time for us!

All 3 sessions were so relaxed with enthusiastic and engining ladies who were all keen to learn, lots of great gardening tips were shared too!!

We started the baskets with a moss base and lobelia for the first layer, followed by a second layer of bizzie lizzies & begonias. The top was then filled with nemesias, fuchsia, ivy, petunia, bacopa, verbena and a geranium.

Thanks to the hard work of Bramblehill Farm Nurseries for some lovely home grown plants!

Now it's over to us to look after these wonderful creations until the frost has gone! Watch this space!

We hope to add on some additional classes in May, due to popular demand!

Have a great week, Emma and team Wild Alice x

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