Sustainability at Wild Alice 


As most people are aware climate change and sustainability has been highlighted massively in the last year.

So we too are doing are best at offering a more environmentally

friendly service


How we're doing our bit:
*Growing our own - we've started our own little flower patch on our farm in Walton on Thames, so during the British flower season our blooms haven't flown to get to us! 


*Local growers- we've also teamed up with local flower growers in Oakham & Guildford who can provide us with top quality British flowers with zero air miles. Our plants too are locally sourced from a nursery in Hersham

*Foam Free- as of this year we no longer use oasis foam to create arrangements, we're thinking outside the box and finding new ways to build foundations for large installations. Moss & chicken wire are now our new best friends for floral designs! 

*Cellophane Free- we're also now cellophane free! All bouquet orders now arrive in

re-cycled glass jars or 'Stem-Gem' vases and wrapped in brown paper

*Educating - During all our floral classes we aim to educate on how to reuse & recycle any materials that you use with us and we'll gladly accept anything back to recycle